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The Natural Human Diet

Posted by ypreston at 06/04/2012

After becoming a vegan, I only took information from other vegan sources. A few blogs I stumbled upon convinced me that humans were naturally herbivores!

I decided to further look into this, and I found that we are in fact omnivores, by reading journals published by anthropologists.
But I also came to find that our diets are extremely flexible to our environment, and nutritionists say that humans can be healthy with either an omnivorous diet or a diet as an herbivore.

I think this is really interesting information, if there were any other vegans out there who were wondering!


ahimsa32fa09/13/2012 08:21:42
Your conclusions are correct. Eating meat was an important part of our evolutionary tale. Even today, many people don't have access to a better diet and eat whatever is available, meat, whatever.
But you can't argue that a plant-based diet is not the best for the vast majority of people, and of course it's the best for the environment and the animals...

Donny Lutz
groovychick09/22/2012 16:36:28
Have you ever noticed that humans do not have super sharp, pointy canine teeth like a dog or other meat eating animal? That is because we were not meant to eat meat.
DeGoshReed09/27/2012 10:50:25
I think it was more of a scavenger diet we had eating bugs and cooking animals killed by other animals or that died from sickness. Meat is not the primary food for a human. We can live with out taking life, so shouldn't we? Our body's will be sick if we eat too much meat. (As in the western diet) with out a doubt our diet was and still should be centered around plants if not free from meat entirely.

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