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Where to eat in Poschiavo, Switzerland?

Posted by chandratruwealth at 06/02/2012


I hope this message finds someone who can offer some useful advise for my dilemma.

I will visiting Poschiavo, Switzerland) for 2 weeks; my travel begins June 9th. I am quite concerned because there doesn't seem to be much I can eat in the area, according to the searches I conducted online. I know these searches can be limited, so I am reaching out for help and advise.

I really need **Leafy Green Vegetables** in my diet on a regular basis, but judging from the various sites I visited online serving food, the major fare is pizza, pasta, potatoes, dairy products, and meat dishes; the very substances which I absolutely must stay away from if I don't want to fall ill during my stay.

Does anyone know of **Any** restaurants serving ample green salads in the area?

I can even occasionally eat grilled fish (No Shellfish), but it really needs to be accompanied by a Large Green Salad.

Perhaps there's a market where I can purchase my own vegetables for salad fixings?

I'm really nervous, as I'm going there to perform (as a dancer) and need to be able to eat meals that not only will nourish/sustain me, but won't make me sick!

I'd really appreciate any information and insights anyone can offer.

As I said, I leave the U.S. for Switzerland on Saturday, June 9th. Hoping to hear from someone soon.

Much Gratitude!

Most Sincerely,


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