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I Started a garden.

Posted by Joe at 09/23/2007

My new home was built on the lot where an old gas station existed. The soil seems to be fertile enough, but some of the plants have a most strange appearance and odor.

Can hydrocarbons effect the quality of my harvest....and what can i do to eliminate the problem?


Jeffrey at 11/19/2007 08:00:41
Hey Joe,

I would be pretty careful if I were you about gardening on top of an old gas station. They used to use really crummy underground tanks and gas would seep into the dirt. If I were you I would take soil samples and get them examined. You might even be living on a superfund site!
You can still have a garden though. One idea is to lay down a liner, make raised beds, and get a truck to dump a load of topsoil in them.

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