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Posted by Andra2000 at 05/29/2012

I normally buy canned beans but i hate recycling 20 cans a week. I soaked some pintos last night but I'm wondering do I still have to boil them before I sauté them, and if so for how long?


VeganSally05/29/2012 11:55:09
I'd google "how to make pinto beans" and see if that gets you the answer. Pinto beans are beyond my skill level. I applaud you for trying!
ahimsa32fa09/13/2012 08:29:27
If you have soaked (and rinsed) any beans long enough for them to be chewed easily, you're OK. Folks have been eating bean sprouts (almost any variety) for millenia.

I either sprout them for salads, or soak them for a few hours to speed up cooking time dramatically.

Canned beans should be your last option...

By the way, if you're buying "Silk" soy milk, please do some research about the source of this product. There are better soy milks, and there are also nut "milks". Both are far better than milk from another species.

You might want to read my first book, "The Weaning of America: The Case Against Dairy Products and 12 other essays..."

Donny Lutz

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