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Move over Nutella, Biscoff is here!

Posted by happycowgirl at 05/28/2012

Since going vegan, I've had my eye out for a non-dairy replacement for Nutella. I miss that creamy hazelnut delight. But I don't miss the small amount of cow torture in every jar. Instead of "Ingredients: hazelnuts, milk" it should say "Ingredients: hazelnuts, cow suffering." There must be an alternative. There is! And a delicious one, at that.

Enter: Biscoff Spread. 100% vegan. It is even labeled 'VEGAN' on the jar. If you have not tried this tasty European alternative to peanut butter, you've been missing out. If you've had Biscoff cookies, you know the taste. It's hard to's like the flavors of peanut butter, brown sugar, cinnamon. Just try it. It is excellent as a creamy dip for sliced apples or spread on toast or a bagel.

Enjoy! Please tell me if you like it or if you've discovered any other alternatives for Nutella.


trombonegirl06/23/2012 10:56:48
Funny you say that, because yesterday at Trader Joe's I saw a jar of stuff that looked like Nutella, and I got all excited because I thought it was vegan but it ended up having milk in it. I'm going to have to find that Biscoff spread! Thanks!

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