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Posted by tegan80 at 04/15/2012

I have stopped eating meat. I didn't slowly ween myself off, I just stopped. It has been 55 days. I need recipes, I love chili and schezuan, I'm feeling underwhelemed by the recipes available. I am trying to think outside the box, however I'm just nor feeling fulfilled

veganese.net04/16/2012 07:13:44
Check out or there are some great vegan cookbooks you can find on

happycowgirl04/21/2012 21:52:55
Congrats on stopping meat.

If you like chili, maybe you'd like crock pot recipes. Have you seen the book "Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker"?

Also, "The Blooming Platter" gets great reviews:
Charlottew04/22/2012 12:40:07
vegtimes is a good source too. Don't think I could have made it without them!!
tegan8004/22/2012 16:59:07
Thankyou I will check it out. Post punk kitchen also has some good recipes.
veganina06/26/2012 11:03:44
I am also a new vegetarian & had difficulties finding recipes. There's a new website,, with lots of recipes that aren't too out-of-the-box for new vegetarians.

Hope this helps!

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