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Food withdrawl?

Posted by Vegarina at 01/24/2015

Hi friends,
I have been a pescatarian for 2 years, vegetarian for 6 month and vegan for about a week now. I have never noticed my changing diet effecting my body, but when I cut all animal products from my diet I have been getting severe migraines with nausea and stomach cramps. I am not one to get sick very often. Could it be my body just adjusting to the changes?

Any advice would be lovely.


PlantbasedLucy at 01/25/2015 02:23:44
It hasn't been that long so it is probably just detox symptoms :) it's not long enough for you to be deficient in stuff. Maybe just ask for a blood test? and don't mention the veganism to your doctor? It could be old deficiencies from before :)
ahimsa32fa at 01/25/2015 08:20:30
I always make it clear that I've been 99% vegan for the past thirty years and watch their response. More and more health professionals are becoming supportive or at least inquisitive. Then there are the others...

I would never return to a doctor who told me I had to eat meat or dairy products to be healthy.
Vegarina at 01/26/2015 19:53:54
Thank you everyone for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated :)
PandaGirl at 01/29/2015 13:30:36

I found the increase in fibre a bit difficult to handle at first when I went vegetarian, and my stomach protested a bit. Potentially low blood sugar as well if you've been having stomach upsets? Maybe try eating little and often to keep it steady?
ahimsa32fa at 01/31/2015 11:55:35

How are you increasing you fiber? I don't recommend any of the processed "high fiber" products that you see on TV.

If you have replaced meat and dairy (which have no fiber) with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, you should be getting plenty of fiber.

I assume you chew your food well and don't eat overly large meals...
ahimsa32fa at 01/24/2015 15:09:24
A change in diet can trigger a body cleansing that can be uncomfortable. Toxins stored in body fat are released when one loses weight as well.

If the problem persists, of course you should consult a health professional. Hopefully, you can find one who takes a serious interest in diet, and is not opposed to vegan diets.

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