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humane animal removal - Strand Two

Posted by moanie at 04/06/2012

I have a huge problem and would really appreciate any advice. I am currently living with my mother and for several days the door to the garage has been locked because she claimed that having got a gardener who also does odd jobs to clean the garage it is in a mess as he hasn't finished the job. I was deeply sceptical but believed her until I heard a conversation between them where he said that "he had two" and mentioned something about 'cheese' and she commented that she hoped that "there weren't any in the house." Naturally I assume that they are talking about trapping and killing mice which she denies. My mobile phone had run out of battery power so I missed the humane animal remover's calls but now I am faced with the problem that my mother has said that she will not open the door if he comes and as I don't have the keys for the garage I don't know whether to risk calling him. PLEASE HELP. I am incredibly anxious about this matter and really would appreciate any advice.


happycowgirl04/06/2012 20:11:55
Humane removal of mice is very simple. You don't need an expert, it's much easier to do it yourself. And much cheaper.

** 1st step: Buy a few humane mouse traps. **

I have personally used and can recommend these two:

If your mom is poisoning the mice, you can point out that for sanitary reasons is advantageous to remove mice humanely instead of poisoning them. If you put out poison, they will eat it and take it with them back into the walls of your house where they will die. Most people don't want dead mice in their walls.

Ask her if you can try to humanely remove then first. If she can allow this as a courtesy to you. Tell her you know what's going on and hope she listens to you and values your feelings.

If your mom says you can give it a try, I can walk you through everything. Let me know.
moanie04/07/2012 07:26:22
Thank you so much for the advice. I followed your advice but she will not even admit that she is trapping mice nor will she let me into the garage. I just don't know what to do.
happycowgirl04/07/2012 09:22:20
There may not be much that you can do. Please know that there are many others like you who care very much for these adorable little creatures.

You know your mom best and what will or will not work to influence her. You could print this out and just leave it on the counter or a place where she's sure to see it and can read it over without pressure:

happycowgirl04/07/2012 09:30:58
Please tell you mom about this:

It is an ultrasonic pest repeller. The unit emits ultrasonic sounds mice can't stand. A 100% Duty Cycle means constant sound so, once they're gone, mice get no chance to come back.

Even if your mom is trapping and killing the mice, she will want to have a unit like this so that the mice do not come back. The sooner she gets it set up, the fewer mice she will have to kill the gruesome way she is doing it.
moanie04/07/2012 11:39:26
I would really like to thank you for all your advice. I will definitely look into buying an ultrasonic pest repeller. I really appreciate your advice particularly as even amongst those who do care about animals rats and mice elicit little sympathy and most people are sadly more in line with my mother's thoughts on the issue.
happycowgirl04/07/2012 15:02:57
As much as the needless death of your mice troubles me, it also troubles me that your mom was not able to validate and empathize with your feelings and concern for them, even if she still determines they must be killed. Again, please know there are others, like me, who sympathize with you entirely. Indeed, if your mother herself were to look deep in her soul she would see that the very reason she could not kill the mice herself and instead had to hire someone else to do it is b/c she has to distance herself from the unpleasant feelings that come with killing a living creature. This is why they make traps where humans do not have to see the suffering mouse inside. And this is probably also why she cannot bring herself to discuss the matter with you.

I wish you all the best!

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