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re Chia Seeds, Quinoa and other superfood

Posted by livingsafe at 04/05/2012

Hi Everyone,

I am constantly using Chia Seeds in my cooking and baking and organic chocolates to get Omega 3's, calcium and iron etc into my veg. family.
We also use alot of Quinoa which is a complete non-meat protein.

I am always looking for new ways to utilize these two super-foods.
Does anyone have some recipes?

If you want to check out my own Chia/ Quinoa recipes they are under food on my own health and safety site - my kids love the Chia Cookies and Chia Choc :)



Little Sparrow
Little Sparrow05/07/2012 08:39:15
How do you find Chia Seeds or Quinoa? I live in a rural hick town.

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