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My hair is thinning

Posted by cam54 at 11/25/2014

This is probably unrelated to my going from lacto ovo vegetarian to vegan 6 months ago but my hair is seriously thinning and Im only 25! I am getting bloodwork done at the Drs but Im curious if anyone knows of any vitamins or minerals that contribute to full thick hair.


cam54 at 11/25/2014 08:50:35
I am female by the way and noone in my family suffers from thinning hair
ahimsa32fa at 01/16/2015 07:36:21
There are many causes for hair loss. Diet is only one of them.
happycowgirl at 01/16/2015 16:10:26
Thinning hair can mean low Vit D. Ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D levels (it's done via a blood test). Most people are low in Vit D - whether they're vegetarian/vegan or not. If you're low in Vit D, your doctor will want to prescribe you a Vit D pill. Politely decline. The only form of Vit D available by a prescription is Vit D2, which is not as good as Vit D3. If you're interested I can post the medical journal articles for you, but suffice it to say I've researched this issue thoroughly. The best Vit D supplement is vegan Vitamin D3 (NOT D2!).

Go to Amazon and search "vegan Vitamin D3" and many options will come up. Most are sourced from lichen (vegan). I take one sourced from organic mushrooms called Nature's Plus Source of Life Garden Vitamin D3. Most D3 is sorced from sheep's wool so be sure your vitamin is vegan!
nestpillmart at 01/15/2015 21:12:05
VIramin D is a best for growth of thick hair. you van eat vitamin D foods. Biotin, niacin and cobalamin are among the most prevalent B-complex vitamins that help restore sparkle and thickness to strands.
happycowgirl at 01/16/2015 16:14:58
Here is one of the most thorough articles about why D3 is superior to D2:
happycowgirl at 01/16/2015 16:17:10
You may also want to try Nature's Gate Shampoo Biotin Strengthening Shampoo for Weak, Fragile and Thinning Hair. It's available on Amazon.
EveryoneLovesArbonne at 03/06/2015 12:57:27

My aunt just purchased this shampoo for her thinning hair, and it's now slowly becoming more full, thick, and all around healthy! She purchased it through a company I work for, it's called Pure Vibrance, by my company, Arbonne!

Arbonne is a botanically based, vegan certified company that makes a bunch of products for men, women, and babies as well!

Check it out & let me know how you feel about it :),1338,244.aspx
DeborahDuncan at 03/15/2015 17:01:53
Massage your scalp and hair with olive, almond or coconut oil at least 2 to three times in a week and you'll see the positive results very quickly. This is perfectly natural and effective way to get rid of hair thinning problem
Adelcrow at 07/02/2015 23:11:33
I'd be seeing a doctor asap because it could be something simple or it could be something serious.
Its best to get it checked properly rather than relying on online advice no matter how genuine it is.
iwanderafar at 07/08/2015 06:08:11
First, make sure you're getting enough protein in your diet. And have your doctor check you for anemia and check you vitamin D and B-12 levels. You may need iron supplements. You probably also need vitamins B-12 and D3 and I would also take Biotin supplements which help with hair and nails. I had the same problem when I was a young vegetarian. Just check your vitamins, because some are made with gelatin capsules. You can get all the above in vegan form. If you take iron supplements, take them with vitamin C and don't take them with calcium, vitamin E or tea -- all which reduce absorption of iron.
anahidscv at 07/08/2015 13:04:16
I am faced with the same problem, although I am 48 years old. I saw two dermatologists as they claimed it to be hereditary. I had my MD do series of blood work which everything came out to be wonderful, great numbers. Also my scalp was irritated most of the time. Right now I am seeing a little difference as I am growing some hair back and my scalp does not hurt at all. I am from Southern California, really hot temperatures here. Not only that I am using sunscreen on my face, but wearing a hat under the sun. Not sure what was the trick or if I will grow the lost hair back but I am doing a few things: Using a hat in the sun, taking a multi vitamin called Garden of Life, My kind (vegan) B12 vitamins, if I remember, and using a shampoo called, "Andalou for thining hair" which is cruelty free and vegan. Their products are amazing. This shampoo is excellent for the scalp as it calmed my irritation as soon as I started using it. I am observing less hair coming out and new growth. Hoping, the hair loss stops and even if I don't re grow hair, I don't want to lose anymore. The sun also does a lot for your scalp, especially for those of us that are older. My skin has been feeling paper thin. Oh and also I am going to try hyarulonic acid which is essential collagen that the body needs for scalp, nails, skin, eyes, bones and joints. For me I have arthritis, so I hear it does wonders and as well for the scalp, which is the major cause of hairloss. Make sure you get the vegan kind....not all are vegan.
Boldy at 07/09/2015 08:43:07
When you converted to vegan, did you start to include more soy products? My wife had this issue and the culprit was soy. Don't over do it, and avoid soy isolates of any kind. She was using a soy protein drink loaded with the stuff and this all started. Eliminated that, and she got her hair back. Hope this helps.
ellie4animals4ever at 07/09/2015 14:37:08
I have never had any hair thinning because of my diet and I've never heard of anyone who has either. Have you considered it may be because of something else? There are lots of good shampoos for hair thinning but I do recommend seeing a doctor just to make sure it isn't due to medical reasons.
sylviayoung at 08/21/2015 01:41:53
I didn't have this problem.I usually read post in that I read it as Viviscal hair growth supplements are clinically proven to nourish hair.In today's world all are facing issues of hair loss and yes Biotin can help in many ways to it.As Biotin is found in several foods such as carrots, liver, yeast, bananas etc.The facts that its deficiency causes hair loss and that its supplementation improves hair health can try these out it will help you too except biotin.
RJS at 08/21/2015 22:47:21
I noticed the same thing about 3months in. But that's much too quick for it to be the actual hair thinning so I assumed it was oil. Started eating more seeds/ taking flax seed oil and it helped.
kimartist at 11/05/2015 11:56:53
Do a search for "iodine deficiency" and "thinning hair."

There is a very simple way to determine if you have a deficiency that can be done at home using topical (tincture of) iodine - do a search for "3 hour" or "6 hour" iodine patch test.

There are many causes for thinning hair, but considering your young age and the fact that food manufacturers are no longer required to "fortify" their products with iodine, it's worth looking into, if for no other reason than to rule it out.

There used to be an awesome website called, but I can't find it now. Perhaps the pages are still avaliable in the Wayback Machine?

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