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vegetarian/ vegan population same as ever?

darren c
Posted by darren c at 02/17/2012

i was wondering if the vegetarian and vegan population percentage was growing, same or less? it wouldnt be an easy thing to find out, but i thought someone would have an idea. humans have came a long way from cave people, i couldnt say exactly what way though :)


VeganSally02/19/2012 19:25:40
The veg population is steadily increasing. I can't remember the exact statistics but there was just a write-up about it in Veg News Magazine.
Bibbit05/25/2012 18:48:34
From what I have heard, veg population is increasing. Its suppose to be better for the economy too. If more Americans would be a flexitarian and go meatless a few days a week, it could benefit our struggling economy!

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