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Be careful about soy products!

Posted by sunshine7 at 01/12/2011
As we all know most corn, soy, canola oil, cotton seeds oil. etc are genetically modified.
How many of you carelessly bought non organic foods contain genetically modified ingredients?
I am one of them who wasted my $$$$ on GMO foods and end up throwing away in trash can.
Sad part is before I throw away these foods I ate it and now I am worrying about damage caused by eating GMO foods.


AndyT at 01/17/2011 00:44:16
I'm a bit sceptical of this rating's lumping together a lot of different factors.
For me, it would make a big difference, whether the soybeans are organic / non-GMO, but it does not matter much, whether they are family-owned or owned by investors. That is, however, not visible from the total score in this analysis (only for those getting close ti 100%, of course).
Best regards,Andy
ionicwoman at 01/23/2011 16:10:20
Most of us look to the label for non GMO markings, but did you know that the creators of GMO products have a few ways to get around the laws? There are however some new ways to ID GMO's - we must support the kind of research which will catch those that sneak GMO into our food. Also LOOK at your food- if it is big, perfect and cheap - beware. Check this article out:
sunshine7 at 02/04/2011 12:45:57
ionicwomen, I tried
but link is not working.
Do you have other working link?
I am not sure why link isn't working

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