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Soy and hypothyroidism

Posted by rubberbandball at 10/24/2010

In case anyone has personal experience; how much soy can you safely consume per day when you have hypothyroidism? The research seems to be divided on this topic and it's really hard to estimate how much soy certain products contain...
On a related note, what is a similarly nutritious/flexible and easily accessible soy alternative?


louis at 10/26/2010 11:57:13
Hi rubberband ball- there's a thread on this:
Please note I am not medically qualified and the following advice is my personal experience.

I take thyroxine and my hypothyroidism returned when I upped my soy intake, milk, tofu etc.I cut it right back and became well again without changing anything else. There is anecodatal and research evidence warning against excess soy if you take thyroxine/have hypothyroidism. I have it occasionally but no more than 1-2 times a week.

Many are sceptical and think it's just a myth by the soy bashing brigade. However, I am vegan, think soy is a great food but care and moderation is needed if you have hypothyroidism as some of the components of soy interfere with the transportation of t4 to tissues.

If you can get hold of seitan, that's reasonable on protein front. Also quinoa, lentils, pulses, nutritional yeast, nuts and seeds.
CNizz at 11/08/2011 14:39:37
Most of the people I have spoken with have substituted their soy intake using proteins from peas, rice, or even hemp. There are companies available online that offer protein powders that can easily be added to fruit smoothies or baked goods to increase your daily protein intake while avoiding soy. Otherwise louis has offered some great alternatives, as quinoa is another excellent source of protein.

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