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Avocados - food of the gods!

Posted by knightofalbion at 10/05/2010

Discover why avocados should be considered a food of the gods!


Heidi B.
Heidi B. at 11/15/2010 10:02:00
I'm the first one to admit that I love avocados, but you need to remember that they are high in fat. Just like other foods, just because something is good for you doesn't mean that you can have it every day or at every meal. If this is the only fatty food you're having on a particular day or as part of a meal, then enjoy your avocado. It all depends on what the rest of your diet is comprised of; for instance, nuts are high in fat, so a meal that includes both nuts and avocado would most likely be too high in fat.
truffle at 11/17/2010 15:28:28
I love avocadoes!!! I sprinkle a little sugar over them and it's yum!
Heidi B.
Heidi B. at 11/24/2010 19:50:30
I like them with fresh-squeezed lemon juice.
Double Dare
Double Dare at 05/08/2011 12:38:44
Avocados are supposed to be useful for raising your HDL cholesterol level.

I had one earlier today, mashed up with a banana, like baby food.
AlysonJayne at 11/30/2011 09:32:22
Am eating one now - with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum!
ChelseaTen at 12/02/2011 21:31:27
my fav. :) :)
or with spinach, cucumber, pomegranate... 2nd fav.
Helen Woodard
Helen Woodard at 11/02/2014 21:22:33
Scooped out with simple sea salt. It taste yum !!

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