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Leather losing lustre for athletes

Posted by louis at 07/05/2011


Chuck07/07/2011 18:27:02
Great article, thanks for sharing. I just did 400 miles of backpacking in the Appalachian Mountains this spring in synthetic trail running shoes. It's great to know I can boost my performance while also staying true to my ethics.
JoanneChang07/09/2011 13:51:57
The Mountain Masochist by Montrail was named Gear of the Year by Outside Magazine. All synthetic and I've read some pretty good reviews on them, including one guy who took them hiking for 800 miles before retiring them. I sell them at my vegan shoe store and the customers love them.
Chuck07/09/2011 19:40:57
Joanne, you have a pretty nice selection and a well laid out site. I'll have to check back in when I need some new kicks =)

A good review too

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