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How do you create personalized menus?

*Little Bit*
Posted by *Little Bit* at 07/28/2009

Hello, my name is Stefanie Morelli! I've been a vegetarian for about 2 months and chose this lifestyle due to animal torture/violence.
However, I still haven't figured out how to make a proper menu for my height & weight. I am 28 years old, 4'8" & weigh 129. Overall I would like to lose 30lbs. Does anyone know how to do this?

I'm so grateful for sites like Happy Cow that allow me and others to connect! I'm extremely excited about this lifestyle change and can't wait to meet others who share the same passion! :)


louis at 07/28/2009 14:34:16
Hi Stefanie - 'Becoming Vegan' by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina', contains excellent advice on nutrition and chapters on addressing dietary needs of under/overweight vegans plus menu advice for vegan athletes.

Have a look at


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