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Holland and Barrett no longer sell Fry's

Garden Kitchen
Posted by Garden Kitchen at 05/04/2011

Sad to learn holland and Barrett have decided to stop stocking Fry's products. They do excellent vegan and kosher sausages, burgers etc. and are a real loss to the store's range of veggie options. I have emailed them to ask them to reconsider and would urge anyone else who values a real choice of tasty veggie/vegan products bring available to do the same. This has worked in the past, a couple of years ago they were withdrawn but reinstated due to consumer pressure, let's not lose this great supplier in our largest highstreet health food store!


Double Dare
Double Dare05/08/2011 08:32:46
I take it that this is a different Fry's to the chocolate company owned by Kraft-Cadbury? I never eat mock-meat stuff so I wasn't aware of any other Fry's branded products.
JohnnySensible05/08/2011 18:34:24

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