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Seeking genuine wheatgrass opinions

Posted by Jeffrey at 04/06/2008

Hi there! I have been growing and drinking wheatgrass juice pretty much every day for over a year now. My problem is that I really don't know if it helps me out or not. Although I do have a friend who says wheatgrass nursed him back to health after being deathly sick, I am a healthy, fit vegan who is wondering if wheatgrass does wonders for me or not. There are those who claim wheatgrass juice is magic, and there are others who claim it doesn't really do anything.
If you have any true stories about how you are sure wheatgrass juice helped you, please let me know!!! I feel like I need a little inspiration to keep growing and drinking it.


webmaster at 04/06/2008 11:44:43
Hi Jeffrey,
Knowing you, I bet your body is already pretty clean and since the wheatgrass doesn't have a lot of toxins to help pull out of you there aren't a lot of signs to know it's doing anything.
Last week I spent some time at the Hippocrites Health Institute in Florida, where people with serious illness, like cancer go and do nearly nothing else but wheatgrass for 3-4 weeks. For them there are highly noticeable effects and signs that the wheatgrass is doing good.
I've heard it said that wheatgrass has a worse taste depending on how toxic you are.
How does it taste to you? Do you like the taste?
Since you live in Taiwan, where there are a LOT of environmental toxics around I personally would stick with it if time in my schedule allowed.
gr8vegan at 04/11/2008 01:41:01
Jeffery, I've been to OHI (optimal health institute) and you stick wheat grass up your butt there (implants). I think people would have similar effects w/o the wheat grass, but people so believe in the magic bullet... I'd like to know what Dr McDougall thinks about it. I don't think he uses it in his program.
Jeffrey at 04/24/2008 00:13:42
Thanks WebMaestro!!!

I just needed a little encouragement I guess. Another good things about wheatgrass is that it is fun to grow, even on a balcony or windowsill. Now my balcony garden is overflowing!
dimitri at 05/19/2008 07:25:38
woa i was thinking about it too..iv been made wheatgrass juice time to time and never felt different only if i was doing fasting and clean my body i felt that help me alot but eating junk and get wheatgrass never felt anything..
can i ask how mush did you take per day? i was getting like 80-100 grams of it,did you mix it?i couldn't drink it plain so i mix with something else
Phantom010436 at 09/15/2008 00:36:11
Wheatgrass juice is great for all kinds of Cancer.wheatgrass helps your body to detox effectively and boost your immune system to fight Cancer naturally.
jaredjb at 10/11/2009 08:54:32
Wheatgrass is a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and other minerals, as well as enzymes. I wouldn't consider it the cure-all for disease etc... but, I do know it makes my immune system stronger, and I definitely feel healthier now that I am taking it.

Jared Balis
Owner, Wheatgrass Place
wheatgrass powder
wheatgrass powder at 11/24/2010 00:14:34
Yes it can help you to become physically fit. It is also reputed to possess antibacterial and restorative properties that help to detoxify the body.


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