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Happy Cow Android App

Posted by TarawrasaurusRex at 01/21/2012

Just wanted to say thanks for making this app :D It works great on my phone and it seems like it'll be very useful!


webmaster at 01/22/2012 10:16:39
Hi TarawrasaurusRex,

Thanks for the comment.

Actually the Android app needs some work and currently we don't have a developer to handle it. If anyone reading this has Android experience and would like to be involved please contact us~ thanks!
Paulsandy at 01/24/2012 20:29:06
Just a question about the app, I went to a place I found on the Happy Cow app, it did not have any reviews, and would not let me leave one. Is this normal or does the business itself have the choice to not let people leave reviews on it? I see some of the places on there that DO have reviews, I am able to leave another review for them.
webmaster at 01/24/2012 21:14:43
Hi Paulsandy,

The app doesn't have that functionality built in, but it does link to the mobile version which allows sign in and reviews.

Hope to get someone to work on this and improve it soon.

Thanks, Eric
1rax at 08/20/2012 16:23:25
Unfortunately I don't have experience. But I am here lending my support for such an application. So best of luck getting it to work and getting it out there. For those with smart phones :P I have no such plans of any kind to get one anytime in my life but I support THIS application.

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