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Posted by fringedweller at 04/20/2014

Hi, travelling to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Any Vegetarian restaurant suggestions?


savetheanimals04/25/2014 06:13:35
Central Singapore

Veggie Cottage:

Frunatic - Valley Point:


Happy Realm Vegetarian:

Living Greens:

New Green Pasture Cafe:

VeganBurg - Golden Shoe:

Veganburg - Marina Bay:

Zhen Fut Sai Kai:

East Singapore

VeganBurg - Jalan Eunos:

Loving Heart Cafe:

Loving Hut - Joo Chiat Road:

Rice House:

Southern Palace:

Zifuling Vegetarian:

Northeast Singapore

Xian Long Su Shi Vegetarian...:

North Singapore

Guan Yin Zai - Kebun Bahru:

Vegetarian Era:

West Singapore

Hokkien Vegetarian:

Veganburg - The Grandstand:

The above are all vegan restaurants in Singapore. I hope you have fun in Singapore.
ZuZu05/02/2014 18:21:25
If you are pinching pennies, check out some hawker stalls. We always hit up the stalls in Bugis, I think its called Albert Centre, and head for the vegetarian spot in there for lunch, less than $3 Singapore dollars for a big plate of food. You get to point and chose 3 toppings with your choice of white or brown rice or noodles, and don't forget to say yes to the curry gravy they pour on top!
ZuZu05/02/2014 18:23:58
Oh yeah, don't forget Mr. Bean! They have a franchise of soy ice cream shops right in some of the metro stations and it hits the spot when its super hot outside!
ZuZu05/02/2014 20:56:29
And.... although you don't really go to Singapore for South Indian food, Little India has - get this - 24 Hour Vegetarian Restaurants! Its nothing to write home to Mom about, its a fast food kind of experience, but still, how often do you see that?!
kipgliues06/04/2014 04:07:32

don't ignore Mr. Bean! They have a series of soy ice lotion stores right in some of the city channels and it strikes the identify when its extremely hot outside!
AllyG08/02/2014 20:31:34
I was going to suggest little India too. The hotel we stayed at on orchard rd had a little poolside restaurant - beautiful vegan hot pots and clay pot dishes.
Just go for a walk... You will find something easily :-)

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