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Vegi in Vietnam?

Posted by deadpledge at 04/18/2014

I'm off to Vietnam later this year and I am a bit worried about what I can have to eat over there as a lot of food is prepared with fish sauce. Has anyone been before and maybe offer some advice.


AndyT04/20/2014 09:28:09
Hello deadpledge, I have not been to Vietnam, but I live in Asia (Malaysia) and have found out that typically, especially in food courts or smaller restaurants, it is possible to find restaurants where the chef (or cook) might orepare the food specially for you, if you say that you must eat it without fish sauce.

I guess there should also be lots of Buddhists in Vietnam, so cooks would be familiar with the procedure.

So explore and share any vegan-friendly places you find on Happycow!

Best regards,
deadpledge05/07/2014 11:39:59
Thanks for this Andy, had a look on happycow and there seems a lot of places, will definitely check out the food courts or smaller restaurants too.

kind regards

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