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Organized trip

Posted by ValeVeg at 02/18/2014

Hi to everybody! I'm Valentina and I'm Italian.
I' m looking for a good web sites where I can find organized trip.
Anyone can suggest me something?




lisaVeg02/20/2014 02:22:08
Hi Vale! I know a websites but they have just trips to India, Bali, Thailand, Laos and
Elena Bushnell
Elena Bushnell05/13/2014 15:31:47
Hello Vale! I am from Russia,but living in NewZealand at the moment. My husband been in my birthplace in Altai Mountains in Siberia, and he loved it. Since then we were thinking about organizing trips to there,and because we are vegetarians, then trips are also would be with veg menu. I have a friends who are a good veg cooks, friends who are a travel guides ... this region is full of beautiful spots - virgin lakes, rivers, of course mountains .... lots of flowers, etc. good for biking,trekking,rafting, climbing, photographing . there is living other nationalities with their culture ... quite interesting. But no body speaks English. And very difficult to find something vegetarian, so to travel there - it need to be an organised tour . Could you please say your opinion about such idea?
StephenS08/09/2014 14:50:56
Sierra Club offers Organised Trips - Some all Veg based;

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