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Best vegan places in Bangkok?

Posted by O-liv at 01/11/2014

Hi everyone!

I just over a week I'm going to Bangkok for a few days, and I feel quite lost looking at the amount of vegetarian and vegan restaurants listed on this site! I'm not used to there being so many.

Can you help me pick out a few, preferably ones easy to find and close to places I might want to visit?



proper or pompous?
proper or pompous?01/12/2014 20:30:20
baan suan pai/banana family park is my favorite location to eat in bangkok. it's all vegetarian, not 100% vegan, but the various stalls have many vegan options...

and, this little place was good...

hope that helps.


FRUITnVEG03/09/2014 21:09:40
Hope you found a good aray of options nice and easy in you time in Bangkok.

A great source of information on this topic would be from "Durianriders".

He has a Youtube Channel, FB page, Websites and on here of course.

He frequents Thailand, Bangkok, etc, on a regular basis.

He is always keen to communicate and help where he can.
Shailluis07/01/2014 03:05:30
i think that Loving Hut Rama3 is the best vegan places in bangkok...
The Hammer
The Hammer07/03/2014 23:32:07
I would say stick with the Jay restaurants because they are authentic Thai vegan restaurants, most other veg restaurants mainly cater to western people, and serve food that could be eaten everywhere outside Thailand..

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