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Meat-friendly veggie restaurants in Paris

Posted by AlisoniCarrot at 09/24/2013


I recently moved to Paris and my parents are coming to visit in a few weeks, with all of the eating out and gourmet treats that entails. I am vegetarian (no fish, but cheese and eggs are OK), but they are not, and although they say that they're happy to go wherever, they are fans of fine food. I'm looking for recommendations of places that do a mixture of French 'classics' and veggie-friendly food (eg. so that I'm not stuck with a tomato salad and some fries!), preferably not too expensive and fairly central. None of us are fans of soya/ tofu/ seitan/ 'fake meat'.
Thank you for your help!


Mariarosekicks11/02/2013 14:08:06

Found a couple of interesting blogs featuring veg restaurants in Paris. I'm curious as well because I'm visiting there in April and was wondering what it will be like to eat vegan there.
tsproc03/12/2014 13:37:43
meat-friendly is somewhat an oxymoron

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