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new vegan- need someone encouragement

Posted by fatty_vegan at 01/04/2010

Hi! i'm Marty (girl). i'm a 22 year old from washington state.

i've been a vegetarian before, and it was easy for me. maybe i've never been that dependent on meat. anyway, i was thinking of what my new years resolutions were going to be, and i wanted to be really healthy, and lose weight. i want to test my body's limits and flush out all the bad things in it. while i'm not preachy about animal rights, i am an animal lover, and the more i think about the way animals are treated, the more i don't want to eat meat or dairy products.

i'm looking for someone who will keep me on track. all of my friends are meat-eating, dairy-guzzling people. so its really hard to have someone supporting me. i would prefer it to be through e-mail or facebook or something. i need someone who i can vent about all my cravings to, and someone to share their vegan secrets with me so i can be successful. :)

thank you!



lunacynthiana at 11/12/2011 22:33:42
Hi marty I am Ashley :) I would LOVE to be friends and help eachother as I am new as well and need major support due to like you I have none. Add me on Facebook Ashley Cabe Norris :)
Cascadian at 11/12/2011 23:17:52
Hiya Marty!

You have take several excellent steps, including asking for support and working to build connections with like-minded folks - great work! I am a 20 year vegan who lives to the south of you in Portland, Oregon - come visit & I will show you around what is quite probably the worlds most vegan-friendly city!

And I am of course happy to help support you being vegan too! Email and texts work great for me, send me a PM to get my contact info.

From your profile it looks like you are in Olympia and that should be helpful too. Oly has great food cooperatives, a number of vegan friendly places to eat out and if you want to get out of town you have 5 of the worlds most vegan-friendly cities close by!

As some of the goals you mention are health and losing weight, may I suggest getting active over at ? They have a great worldwide community of friendly vegans and vary from professional competitive athletes to folks like myself who just like to keep active. Give it a try!

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