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writing debate paper for english

Posted by excdnpara at 10/17/2009

i would like to ask if anyone knows of a scholarly journal i can review for some data on the health issues eg eating meat versus being vegetarian/vegan. Thanks


jennybe at 10/30/2009 22:11:48
Read the excellent book EAT TO LIVE recently released and chock full of data, graphs, etc. Dr. Joel Furhman...the book is not strictly veg, but it's very well researched and all about diet, emphasis on vegetarian. There are all the scholarly references and footnotes in that book. Also check out Dr. Dean Ornish's studies and The China Study (which Fuhrman references often in his book). Good luck!
SubatomicRose at 10/31/2009 02:25:06
For scholarly journals, I suggest American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

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