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A vegan in Krakow

Posted by gucberrin at 10/27/2012

Hey guys, i live in krakow now but i don't know polish. so it's hard to find vegan products in the stores for me. I'm looking for acciedantly vegan products.

Is there someone who lives in Krakow? i need some help about shopping.


VGN12304/01/2013 01:47:03
I know that in Kraków there isn't many vegan or vegetarian shops. Ty have to buy the food on the internet or welcome to Szczecin ;) I'm from around Szczecin and there aren't vegan shops, but there are pubs where make for example haburger without meat, cheese and something like this.
savetheanimals04/01/2013 17:38:34
Not a lot of vegan stores in Krakow? I just needed to do a quick happycow search to know that is false. You have two vegan restaurants- RO Raw Organic and RO Raw Organic - Golebia and five health food stores in Krakow.

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