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Posted by DavidGrahamScott at 09/30/2012

I was a bit disappointed to see that Glasgow does not appear in the list of vegan friendly cities. We have at least 6 totally vegan cafes and various vegetarian eateries that have good vegan alternatives. It's certainly one of the best cities for vegans in Europe I would say.


craigmc11/30/2012 15:20:55
Hey David, good call.
Maybe it's because grass roots started selling meat, boo hiss.
Having lived in Glasgow I miss much of it, but I do think in Bann's and kalpna Edinburgh has the finer places.
But Glasgow smile's better overall.
Cascadian12/04/2012 13:20:46
I'd love to visit Scotland! I'd also love to see more folks sharing their reviews of, thoughts on & tips about the cities, towns & other places where they live & visit!

David, What are some of the other great places for vegans in Europe for that you've been to?

Personally, I am pretty spoiled as I already live in what is probably the most vegan-friendly city yet: Portland, Oregon, USA! If that wasn't enough, most of the main competitors for this honor are nearby & the whole region tends to be very vegan friendly.

So come visit us soon! :)
DIN803/25/2014 04:04:58
Time to put this back on the table... :)

Glasgow has been named most vegan-friendly city in the UK by Peta and has been voted 3rd best city to live in for veggies and vegans by VegfestUK in 2013.

I love the vegan places in Glasgow, especially Saramago, Stereo and The 78.

Glasgow is really a great city - not only for vegans. Can't wait to be back there.
Cascadian03/25/2014 09:12:08
Thanks DIN8!

Can you please share a link to those ratings by PETA & VegFest UK?

Also does anyone know of other good vegan-friendly place ratings for other countries in Europe, Europe as a whole and/or elsewhere in the world? I'm particularly interested in seeing people opinions on smaller cities and towns or at least ratings that consider population as a factor. Obviously London, England will have more veg-places overall than say Glasgow, Scotland but proportionately Glasgow may actually be more vegan-friendly. Thoughts & suggestions please! :)
DIN803/27/2014 04:44:56
Hi Cascadian,
here are the links:


VegfestUK - Results 2013:

Article in the Guardian:

Frankfurt (Main) in Germany has become more and more vegan friendly in the past two years with some vegan restaurants and caf├ęs and a vegan supermarket.

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