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peta kills animals?

Posted by wedigfood at 01/05/2015

Is this true??

Here is a link: Is this real?


ahimsa32fa at 01/07/2015 05:26:39
It's a fairly common practice to euthanize animals that are suffering from advanced disease or extreme abuse by owners.

It's considered to be putting an end to extreme pain and suffering in a merciful manner. You saw many examples of this on Animal Planet's shows about local organizations who work tirelessly to protect animals.

PETA has responded to such charges many times over the years...charges made by those who dislike PETA'S efforts to protect animals from abuse.
BigBadPlant at 01/08/2015 02:25:54
PETA is trying to do all the best for the animals but I do think that they are over their heads sometimes. Some cases of euthanasia were unjustified.
ahimsa32fa at 01/08/2015 06:06:24

If and when to "euthanize" is always a difficult and rather arbitrary decision.

PETA, like any large organization is not perfect, but the good they have done FAR outweighs any errors in judgment they may have made.

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