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Need charts about slaughterhouses

Posted by needhelp at 12/27/2014

I was rudely banned from (a vegan forum) for asking for charts of slaughterhouses. The moderator there was rude and profane, and laughed at me for trying to help animals before she banned me.

I need the charts graphing the inhumane conditions of slaughterhouses as a timeline, from the 60's or earlier.


ahimsa32fa at 01/05/2015 06:04:23
"levels of inhumane existence" are rather arbitrary assessments. If you ask people who work in factory farming, most will say that they do nothing "inhumane".

But the sources I suggested make an attempt to give you what you're after, and much more.

Here are some specific suggestions:

"Animal Liberation" by Peter Singer

"Animal Factories" by Mason & Singer

"An Unnatural Order" by Mason

"The First ISM" by Don Lutz

Will you consider reading any of these books?
needhelp at 01/04/2015 09:36:13
No I mean the levels of inhumane conditions and how the level of animal treatment has changed over time.
ahimsa32fa at 01/03/2015 10:28:39
Not sure what you mean by "charts graphing".

If you mean the numbers of animals slaughtered in factory farming (and visual details), there are hundreds of websites and scores of books that offer this info.

Most libraries carry books with such info.

"Animal Factories" and other books by Jim Mason are a good place to start.

needhelp at 01/15/2015 09:49:15
If they are at my library. If not, then I'm going to hand them over to my psychopathic friend who can stomach the material. My friend is the master writer who's making the documents anyway.
anahidscv at 06/05/2015 14:11:32
I am not sure what you mean by psychopathic friend who can stomach the material. Are you vegan? If you were vegan, they you should know about the horrors of factory farms yourself and not asking someone else to do the work for you. Is this a school project? You should watch some documentaries and read some books. Abuse in factory farms is always hidden unless a whistle blower is going undercover to expose it, then it comes out. These big giants want to paint a pretty picture of cows in green pastures, and we all know thats not a fact.

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