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veg restaurants in montreal&quebec

Posted by TamaraO at 06/07/2011

Hi there, just doing some research on vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants for an upcoming trip to Montreal and Quebec city; I'm finding lots of options for Montreal but few in Q.C. Can anyone give me a few of their favorites? I notice the French menu's are 99% much veal, lamb and foie gras!
uggh :(


Double Dare
Double Dare06/10/2011 07:40:52
There is - or was five years ago, when I visited - a chain of restaurants called 'Le Commensal' of which there are three in Montreal and one in Quebec City, just outside the old city walls. They are self-service and everything is labelled according to whether it is vegan, lacto or ovo. In all of these places you pay by WEIGHT, which seems unusual, but given that all prices dispayed in Canada EXCLUDE PST and GST, then unless your mental arithmetic is top notch, then you'll just have to bring in enough cash and guess. If you head out into the sticks, you'll even find a independent vegetarian restaurant in Magog (near Sherbrooke). Have a good trip!
Double Dare
Double Dare06/11/2011 13:00:15
Just been through my photos of my hol in Canada five years ago and Le Commensal in Quebec City is in Rue St Jean. The place that I mentioned in Magog is called La Petite Place.
des_mond06/13/2011 10:02:05
Hi, I was in Montreal last Year and the best Restaurant there is the Aux Vivre. Its Awesome. Have a good trip
TamaraO06/25/2011 15:50:39
Thank you both...I'm going in September and will share my reviews once I return. So excited to finally take a trip again!

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