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vegan in atlantis, paradise island

Posted by driggs at 04/02/2011

i realize this website dismisses restaurants that serve meat, but my husband and i dined at mesa grill last week at atlantis in the bahamas and i wanted to pass this on. i told the server i was vegan and was served an outstanding dish prepared just for me by the chef. it was an incredible meal and i thought it would help to post this.


driggs04/02/2011 11:49:47
this also happened at nobu. happy dining!
JohnnySensible04/03/2011 07:35:44
"i realize this website dismisses restaurants that serve meat,....."

Incorrect realization!

Read -

'Dismiss' - unfair.

If you have had good vegan experiences then please submit both of them - with explanatory notes.
driggs04/03/2011 15:19:36
this is the first time i have ever posted anything on any blog/website/forum (whatever) and naturally this is what happens. someone responds using exclamation points and judgement. i was trying to be helpful buddy. from now on i will keep my comments to myself and remove myself from this site.
JohnnySensible04/03/2011 19:00:28
I was never 'diagnosed' so I cannot officially call myself an 'Aspie'.

...........but I sure do behave like one!

+ Most of the differences relate to the way that aspies (a term that people with Asperger's Syndrome use to describe themselves) communicate with others. They tend to have a rather straightforward style, and that has several implications. First, the roundabout way in which normal (neurologically typical, or NT) people communicate is replaced with a rather blunt, sometimes apparently tactless approach. Aspies say what they are thinking, and there is no such thing as beating around the bush. They don't "say things without saying them," or lace their words with innuendo or hidden meaning. There's no subtext... what is said is what is meant, and it is that simple. NTs often have a hard time figuring out what an aspie means, simply because he (the NT) is not accustomed to interpreting the words completely at face value. They often refuse to believe that there is no hidden meaning, or that the comments they interpret as rude or harsh are actually meant to be helpful. This can cause hard feelings and misunderstandings, and unfortunately the aspie is usually on the losing end of the exchange. +
Do not start a post with an untrue statement such as - "i realize this website dismisses restaurants that serve meat,.....".

Forums such as this one are not for the faint-hearted!

gr8vegan04/05/2011 20:53:27
thanks so much for the post! Its good to know, vegan food is a little more challenging on vacation and especially in the Caribbean.

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