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Any really excellent cafes Seattle area?

Posted by kindlizard at 09/16/2010

I have been very disappointed in my travels around the SEattle area. This area had been hyped up to me is another vegan haven; not quite Portland, but perhaps a mini Ptd. This so far has been far from the mark. The ones I have been to so far have been fairly apathetic. Chaco was one of the worst places ever; Plum was ok but major drawbacks, and it was listed in a poll recently among the best in the country. I like GLC a lot, but it is a samich/bar, which is great but not quite cuisine. The Chinese places have been bad to awful. I look fwd to trying Araya's and the Nest, but are there any others. I am beginning to distrust the review page since there are many seemingly fake reviews, and others that seem to be wowed that they are veg for the sake of veg. I want good food, I don't get wowed by the fact a place is veg anymore. I think a lot of Seattle folk may never have been outside the area and think all this is great, whereas I think a lot of it is lacking.

Any ideas? Faves from those who know? Thanks. I will update too if I find any good ones.


kindlizard09/17/2010 00:23:33
scratch that about the Nest place, saw it was cult inspired, which I don't eat at places like that after nearly being mugged at a different cult est years ago...
kindlizard10/09/2010 23:47:45
the more I eat at places around the area, the more I think Seattle is all hype/reputation and very little substance. So far a lot of bad food, some terrible...
Imagineer11/18/2011 22:54:26
I spent 9 years in Kirkland but have been gone since 2000, but the University District once had a decent Vegitarian "salad bar". But I never thought of Seattle as a town vegitarians would go to find restaurants.

I'm from Santa Cruz, California and that is a very vegan friendly town.

Sadly, I'm now in a SW Idaho city full of hunting enthusiasts. Uncomfortable as heck.

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