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Visiting Seattle, WA & Victoria, BC

Posted by Cascadian at 08/11/2010

Within the next 30 days I plan to visit both Seattle & Victoria. I would greatly enjoy meeting other HappyCow folks in these cities! Whether we just meet for tea and a chat or you'd be up for showing me some of your favorite local places and activities: please get in touch!


Cascadian08/23/2010 18:15:55
Hello again,

So... my visit to Seattle came and went. It was a nice trip and included staying in collective house where all shared meals are vegan, visiting several vegan places: Emmy's Vege House, Araya's Thai + Mighty-O Donuts. I even chatted with a vegan from Adelaide, Australia who was visiting Cascadia & then heading to Europe while happily using HappyCow along the way!

Sadly, I did not hear from any of you Seattle folks in time for that trip but I am still hoping that you and our friends in Victoria will get in touch. My Victoria trip will be in the middle of September and I will be passing through Seattle on my way to/from Canada.

How about it - Anyone want to visit with me offline? :-D
kindlizard08/23/2010 20:56:58
Hey, be sure to review the places in the appropriate spots. Keep contributing your visits there, know what I'm sayin'?

PM me when you will be around; I am moving up there but won't be around for a bit... let it be known
jazzyjane09/08/2010 11:20:37
Hi Cascadian, I just sent you a PM!

I'm a singer/songwriter from Toronto, and I'll be singing in Seattle on Sep 23rd at Egan's Ballard Jam House at 9 pm.

Let me know if you'll be around!

Also would love to hear about the collective house you stayed in?


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