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Question about Odwalla..

Posted by Ceres at 02/26/2012

It may seem like a silly question, but I just wanted to know if their juices are cruelty free. From what I see on their web site they're keen on sVing the environment, but does anybody know their testing processes? I figured you never know since Nestea is currently testing on animals, and Pom Wonderful did in the past..



VeganSally at 02/27/2012 00:24:20
Yeah, I call Pom Wonderful "Pom Horrible" since I heard they did animal testing. I heard they stopped but who wants to buy a product from a company that ever had such poor judgment? Not me.

I haven't heard anything bad about Odwalla. Wish I had more specifics for ya.
3dayz at 04/13/2012 15:42:08
I'm afraid I can't help you with Odwalla, but when it comes to household products or cosmetics/personal care I can highly recommend this site:

Just for future reference...

I hope you found your answer to your Odwalla-question in the mean time!


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