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C'mon Denver, get it together!

Posted by kindlizard at 02/04/2010

You have all of 3 vegetarian cafes. You are supposed to be a major American city. Get it together!! One of the 3 is in a hospital, so no chance on that one. The other two are owned by the same folks. C'mon! That means only one realistic group of folks set out to do the right thing?! Get it together!

The rest of the listings in Denver, though there are more recent listings I have yet to try ~ but am hesitant to since all others really are so bad and so heavily meaty, have a ton of meat and have little understanding of how to cook veggies or how to treat vegetarians or heaven forbid vegan like a second-class citizen.

Boulder, for a fake hippie town, you guys need to step it up too. Lets go.

Denver, let's get it in gear!


Cascadian02/05/2010 00:58:42
I second kindlizard's motion!
xbillyx03/08/2010 06:55:13
I know what you mean. I'm going out to Denver to visit my brother soon. I plan on going to Boulder to eat.
StephenS10/09/2013 16:51:32
Hmmmm...this is a bummer as I am moving to Colorado in Feb 2014 (4 months). I do remember from visiting family there it was a big shocker at the lack of choices having come from the California Coast.
But - I did use happycow for the first time years and years ago (pre-member) to find a barbecue place on Capitol Hill that had barbecue tofu.
I do know that Colorado is home to the Cattleman's Association - and a lot of large Christian organizations (we know how they feel about dominance and animals)....Anyhoo - looking forward to moving, finding some good vegan spots - and sharing.
Got any heads up for anywhere in the state - I'd love to hear em

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