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AN1MAL is looking for writers, and more!

Posted by JustinDeTolla at 09/11/2011

My name is Justin DeTolla, and I'm in the process of launching an independent media source dedicated to the rights and welfare of all living creatures, called AN1MAL.

Currently, we're looking for individuals that share our passion and concern, who might be interested in writing feature stories for us!

Feel free to check out the site at, or email me directly at:

Additionally, if you have any questions or comments about the site, feel free to post them here! We'd love to have your feedback.

My thanks for your interest!


The Hammer
The Hammer at 07/19/2014 04:35:53
thanks for the response. :-)

that is odd, i should sign an online petition so meateaters can eat safe meat?

Emotions are shortlived and not very thrustworthy to build a philosophy on.
The Hammer
The Hammer at 07/20/2014 02:38:05
didn't have much time yesterday for a full answer. :-)

i find it odd because why should i, a vegan, sign a petition and clean up the mess of factory farming and make factory farming look better?

The only petition i am interested is to STOP factory farming, to go vegan.

Also, there is a distinct difference between "emotions" (which are short lived, unreliable and mostly cloud our senses and can get a lot of trouble for us) and "feelings", which are more stable and more reliable and are in harmony with ones reasoning, and essential part of the nature of living beings.

The Hammer
The Hammer at 07/17/2014 23:55:32
what is so bad about feeding dead piglets to their mother? They are already dead...

there have been petitions against the candian seal hunts since....decades. Nothing, as in "nothing" has changed.

Petitions can be very good especially when they support present protests.

Much better than petitions though, and what you can do as an individual from your home, is monitoring the media (newspapers, fashion mags) and write well balanced letters to the editor when they publish an animal unfriendly article. Rule nr 1; don't be the Sensitive Animal Rights Activist. Just be a concerned citizen who cares for animals, and stick to facts, not emotions.
ahimsa32fa at 07/18/2014 04:43:39
Feeding dead animals to live animals is considered to be the source of Mad Cow, which is not restricted to just cows.

Why are the piglets dead?

They quite likely died because of the unhealthy conditions that the vast majority of pigs are raised in.

So the piglets ground up in feed may infect the mother who eats them...

Psychology tells us that no decisions are made without an emotional component. Simply wanting to make a decision is expressing an emotion. Decisions made without allowing the emotional factor are why we have such rampant cruelty to non-human animals.

I'd say humans need to feel empathy more, not less.
StephenS at 07/16/2014 11:29:19

Don't know if they are still looking for writers, but I wanted to bump this thread with a plea to go to the site and sign their petitions.

Stop Feeding Piglets to Their Mothers;

Also petitions to end Canada's Baby Seal Slaughter
And Stop Rhino Horn Trade

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