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Brunch in Manhattan?

Posted by Truly at 09/24/2009

What's the best vegetarian brunch in Manhattan? I am being treated to brunch for my birthday and I need suggestions!




SynthVegan09/24/2009 20:17:53
I was just in NYC and haven't had time to post all of my reviews however, I will tell you I really liked Red Bamboo (get the Chicken Creole!!!), Candle Cafe, S'nice, and Slice. And be sure to go to a restaurant that sells Vegan Treats cakes - you'll freak, they're seriously amazing! I know Red Bamboo and Curly's carries their stuff. Let me know if you have any questions.
kindlizard09/25/2009 10:23:36
I think Candle Cafe is the best place in the City. Blossom can also be special... don't know their hours though.

I have never been but there is a dim sum place that I would personally love to try for brunch that is veggie in Chinatown.

I think Red Bamboo is hit or miss; been there on good and bad days.

Vegantreats are available also at the pizza place on 2nd and 12th (ish) and is called something like (Cafe?) Viva Pizza as well as Gary Nulls Uptown Whole Foods (not a "Whole Foods", but a small HF store) on 90th or so and Broadway. Those are two places I have seen them. I will try to find the list that Danielle from vegantreats sent me that lists all the places in NYC. There is a cookie crumble cake I love the most.

If you go to Candle Cafe, their desserts are also flippin amazing though, more so than a packaged container for sure!! If dessert was in the mix w good food, go to the Candle!!!! 3rd and 74thish?. Its listed on the NYC page here on Happycow reviews.

SynthVegan09/25/2009 21:15:56
We did have to wait over and hour to eat at Red Bamboo when we were told it would be only 30 maybe Candle Cafe would be your best bet. And I forgot to wish you a happy birthday as well, so happy birthday!
condekedar09/26/2009 16:46:03
Sacred Chow is also awesome for brunch.
SynthVegan09/26/2009 20:11:20
Red Bamboo and Sacred Chow are within walking distance from each other. I would go with Red Bamboo, if they're too busy, go to Sacred Chow. My vote is for Red Bamboo or Candle Cafe.
Truly10/26/2009 05:32:13
Hey thanks everyone, sorry I didn't respond back. We ended up cooking brunch at home!

I like Red Bamboo but have never been there for brunch. I also love Candle Cafe and Candle 79. I've been going there since they were a little takeout place called "Healthy Candle" in the '80s. Both great suggestions.

I am definitely going to try Sacred Chow. Never been there.

And thanks for the birthday wishes too! I've had 23 vegetarian birthdays!


Laura Q
Laura Q11/09/2009 09:40:09
try Village Natural.

46 Greenwich Ave (btwn 6 and 7th ave)
NY, New York 10011
xbillyx03/08/2010 06:58:28
Red Bamboo is more of a dinner place.

I'd recommend The V Spot for brunch. I ate at their Brooklyn location, as I like Brooklyn a lot more than Manhattan.

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