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Vegetarian Dining in Vancouver

Posted by stef42678 at 07/26/2009

I'll be traveling to Vancouver, BC this summer and was wondering if anyone knew of any great vegetarian restaurants? I'll be staying near Stanley Park so I am looking to try some great vegan places if you know of anything, or any attractions I should see.


Cascadian07/30/2009 22:18:32
Hi Stef!

Please tell us more about yourself and your interests.

Generally, Vancouver is quite probably my favorite larger city and is fairly veg*n friendly. There are several natural foods chain stores and a few independent places including a co-op spread around the city. Commercial Drive on the east side of Vancouver is by far my favorite area of the city. I find most things in Vancouver to be over-priced but most exceptions to that can be found along the Drive. I like Deserts fairly well as a place to dine. If you like Indian food, then have a look at the Punjabi Market where the best & cheapest samosas I have ever had can be found. The Naam is quite over-rated in my opinion and is certainly not the most vegan-friendly place. That said, it *is* open 24 hours!

Please be sure to have a look at and support the Vancouver area's new and only vegan store:

Personally, what I like best about Vancouver are the area's around it. Get up high in the mountains, deep into the forests, out on/in the water, visit some islands and/or the Sunshine Coast. If you can make just one extended jaunt away from the big city, check out Victoria! It is quite vegan friendly and just a pleasant ferry ride away and can even be done as a long day trip though I suggest spending at least one night there.

In the metro area, I suggest heading for Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver, Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver and the nature around UBC and/or the Museum of Anthropology there. . The views off the top of Burnaby Mtn are quite nice. Chinatown is also well worth a visit.

I hope this helps! :)

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