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Posted by pansypuss at 03/25/2009

At last a veggie (well vegan actually) restaurant has opened in Stavanger Norway. Small, friendly and fantastic food. It's called Resept and the address is Østervåg 43. If you visit Stavanger, drop in, if we don't use it we'll lose it and that would be very sad.


johnnysensible03/25/2009 05:30:14
Facebook to the rescue! ! ! - please add the "Resept" Facebook Group to the listing Eric! - -

This is the Group url -

We need to change the spelling also!

Here is a very recent Norwegian vegan blog about "Resept" -

Here is a recent news article about "Resept"! -[censored]t_paa_kjoett_paa_Resept.html

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