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Tofu press?

Posted by waltzingmatilda at 04/14/2009

Hi all. I live in the UK and am searching for a tofu press. I have bought one of the white plastic ones and the lid is just odd so it is unsatisfactory and doesn't press well. I have searched everywhere for one of the nice stainless steel ones but have had no luck. Anyone know where I can get one on line please?
All help appreciated as I have finally got a soy milk maker which is the expensive part and have now got this as a stumbling block! Thanks in advance:)


johnnysensible04/15/2009 00:39:24

Korea Foods in New Malden have them / use them - I am not sure whether they sell them -

.......or maybe talk to a carpenter to make you a wooden one - ......the plans -

.....or look at cheese presses -

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