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vegan cupcakes take over the world?

Posted by mistressh at 08/13/2008


does anyone have this book and use it successfully? im having trouble converting the american cup measurements to fl. oz and mls etc. ive just put my first batch it the over but i will be amazed if they evenresemble cakes when they come out as it was pure liquid going in!


johnnysensible08/13/2008 10:26:46
or perhaps search for a set like these from eBay - - then there is no calculating to do.
louis08/14/2008 11:48:25
Hi, I have their sequel 'Veganomicon'. I tried converting stuff from cups to liquids but this tends to be a little tricky as cups go by volume rather than weight. In the end I bought a set of measuring cups from a local department store relatively cheaply and everything I've made since, including cup cakes, has turned out fine. Amazon Uk sell these sets of measuring cups- they are well worth it and make things really easy.

here's a link
siue moffat
siue moffat09/17/2008 19:40:47
Yeah I'd say get yourself measuring cups. I had to buy myself a scale to cook from cookbooks from the UK. It was a wise decision :)

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