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Undercover filming becoming illegal

Posted by Stevie at 03/14/2011

Agriculture Industry Pushes To Make Undercover Filming Of Farm Animal Abuse Illegal


Chia at 03/17/2011 13:56:54
This is outrageous. When corporations and politicians collude, then freedom and truth suffers! UGH!!
jive at 03/18/2011 01:17:59
I agree.

If this does pass, it will show just how desperate they are to hide the truth from us.
AndyT at 05/13/2011 07:03:37
In Florida, it is even worse:

Here it is proposed to make taking photographs "at farms" without the written consent of the owner a first-degree-felony (punishable up to $ 10,000 or up to 30 years in prison, like for armed robbery or murder).

What are those people thinking????

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