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Losing weight the vegan way - How?

Posted by ChefSpear at 03/17/2013

I used to struggle with going dairy-free as I love milk and cheese. What helped me is the support system I have at home starting with my hubby. We had a talk as a family, discussed with our teens and outlining the reason why there's gonna be a big change in our meals and the benefits we will all enjoy if we forgo dairy products. The kids were supportive. Nothing more excites them than going through recipes after recipes as a family each Sunday to prepare the meals for the entire week ahead. My daughter just got hold of Dieting the Santa Barbara Way book and the recipes are perfect for vegetarian and vegans.

As I am also trying to lose weight while leading a much healthier life, I wonder if there's any tips or suggestions you can share with me. Thanks!


savetheanimals03/17/2013 12:05:01
The best way to lose weight while vegan is not be a "junk food vegan". If you accumulated a lot of fat while you were a carnist going vegan will help you lose that weight. You will most likely lose weight just by going vegan. If you are having trouble you might be eating to much vegan junk food. If this is the case I would recommend cutting out the substitutes and just eat the healthiest vegan foods. Fruits,vegetables, lentils, grains and quinoa. There is no ethical reason for doing this only health reasons. If you need the substitutions don't feel like you can't have them. Once you lose the weight you can go back to being a junk food vegan because it is hard/ impossible to become fat on a vegan lifestyle. You may not even want to bring the substitutes back in your body. Once your taste buds get used to your new eating habits you will like your healthier foods. Like I said you don't have to give up substitutes. Also you don't have to force this on your whole family. Make sure you and your family are vegan though. I checked out your "veg status" and it said your only a vegetarian. If this is the case just go vegan. There are a lot of problems with dairy. I recommend watching Gary Yourofsky's GA tech speech
Calcifa2305/13/2013 01:41:58
Personally, I started to eat vegan three weeks ago and I lost over 2 kg even though I drank alcohol and eat sweets and cake. So just start and you will see, if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you will loose a lot of weight. In addition you will feel a lot of energie. So it was easier for to go for a walk or do something else. Besides this I have a lot more concentration now and better nerves.

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