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Vegan cat food

Posted by jive at 08/04/2010

Hi, does anyone here make homemade vegan cat food for their cat? If so, does your cat like it, and also stay healthy? Please let me know. I am very interested in how the rest of the vegcommunity handles their pet food.


JohnnySensible08/04/2010 20:15:34
This fabulous Chennia, India sanctuary is vegan - here is their dog food recipe & some other relevant links -

kindlizard08/04/2010 22:33:11
Hey Johnny, that recipe has skim milk in it.
jive08/05/2010 02:48:14
I suppose soy or coconut powdered milk could be used as a substitute there... otherwise it looks good to me
JohnnySensible08/05/2010 03:00:54
Excellent point kindlizard!

I remember talking with Chinny & he had told me that the recipe that they actually used was vegan.

I just slapped myself 3 times on each cheek (the upper ones)!

Now I will search to see whether he sent another one to me by email.
hrefna02/20/2012 11:11:36
Cats are very different from dogs. Dogs can thrive on a vegan diet but cats will sicken and die if they don't eat meat. This is because cats' bodies cannot manufacture their own taurine the ways dogs and humans can. We are not obligate carnivores, but cats are. If you want a vegan pet I think it would be kinder to get a dog or a pet rat - they are very intelligent, affectionate creatures, and they don't need to eat meat. Otherwise please let your cat companions eat the meat they need to be healthy.
happycowgirl02/20/2012 20:02:34
Hrefna, you are right about the taurine. That said, they have vegan cat food with taurine in it now. I see the ads for it in Veg News magazine. It says, "Where do you get your taurine? That's like someone asking where you get your protein." I don't have my issue of Veg News w/me right now, but I think this is the company:

I knew a woman with vegan dogs before. Both her dogs were incredibly healthy and happy and had been vegan for years. But like Hrefna says, dogs and cats are different in their dietary needs.

Jive, if you happen to see this, I noticed u posted your question a while back...did u make any progress with the vegan cat food?

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