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typical raw vegan day

Posted by bbeckums at 07/22/2013

what's a typical eating day for a raw vegan? i've been looking into making the switch and am nervous that if i make the transition all on my own, i'll miss out on some important nutrients, just out of pure ignorance.


veganmafia12/17/2013 15:07:44
Breakfast: 2 Bananas, 3 oranges, 1-2 green apples
Lunch: 2-3 cups of raw spinach, 1 whole cucumber, 1 tomato, 1-2 tbsp. cashew spread with 1 lime yield.
Dinner: 2-3 Bananas, 2 oranges, 3 apples
Snacks: 1-2 cups carrots,1 cup celery
Water(Cups):9-12 cups

Thats' what my day usually looked like or at least something like it. Some days would be more fruit and other days would be more greens and maybe an avocado. Hope it helps

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