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Went raw after 60 day juice feast! But now

Posted by Bostonraw at 04/14/2013

My hair is falling out and skin and nails r suffering, all my levels crashed including iron, zinc, b12, vitamin a...
Can any one advise??? Drs are blaming it in d raw vegan and juicing!!! But I was a vegan for 4 yrs to start with an never had any issues!!?? Loved juicing n eating raw vegan...
Any advice or if anyone else experiences this please help! It feels like I been poisoned, terrible fatigue, pains every where, nails and skin dehydrated looking though I drink only water??? No caffeine!?
Felt great during the 60 day juicing and 30 day raw vegan then as if all hell broke loose!


savetheanimals04/16/2013 12:07:53
Your obviously doing raw wrong. Go back to just being a vegan and make sure you eat everything you need. What have you been eating? You can get everything you need from the raw vegan diet but if you don't eat what you need your not going to be healthy no matter what diet your on. Oh and another thing get new doctors the ones you have don't know anything about nutrition because doctors aren't required to have any nutrition classes.
aiyanct12/09/2013 21:01:32
Although, Raw vegetables sucks you into direct proper vitamins to your body. Then how you lack from hair losses, nails and skin issues. Its better you should consider milk too. You mentioned that you having raw veg juices. You better add some milk into juices instead water then have it. You get a proper calcium and iron.

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