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Posted by LisaMckeon at 12/04/2012

I've been incorporating more raw foods into my diet and feel great. I have Ani Phyo's 15 day fat blast and was thinking starting it in the new year and then consume a combination of raw and cooked vegan foods after, but one nutrient I'm concerned about is B-12. I suppose I could just keep taking a multi-vitamin, but I was wondering if there is a raw vegan source of B-12? Ani doesn't seem to cover this.


Cascadian12/04/2012 12:40:10

This is a great and important question. The consistent and near universal message I have seen from doctors and dieticians is that there is NOT an adequate natural vegan source of B-12 & that it is critically important that we supplement with B-12.

While missing B-12 for a meal, day, week or maybe even longer is not something to stress about, the clear message is that you will eventually do severe damage to yourself without a regular adequate source of B-12.

Happily vegan B-12 is commonly added to most non-dairy milks and many other fortified foods. If you don't choose to include these in your diet, an even if you do, taking a vegan B-12 supplement is an easy and inexpensive solution.

There are also some other vitamins & such that are commonly recommended. Depending on what you choose and/or have available to eat, you may very well benefit from other nutritional supplements.

Here are some good resources for you to check out:

- Quick reference chart, with links to more detailed info:
- B-12 specific & more detailed:
LisaMckeon12/06/2012 06:24:24
Thanks for the information!! I noticed that my favorite protein powder has 50% of the daily recommendation. Maybe I'll continue to take that. That + nutritional yeast should be good enough. I like that vegan health site a lot- thanks again!
The Hammer
The Hammer07/26/2014 01:47:42
Protein powder is 50% of the daily intake and nutritional yeast which has zero B 12 is 0% of the daily intake, that makes a total of 50% of your daily intake. In other words, you are still a whopping 50% short in your daily B 12 intake.

Elementary mathematics !
StephenS07/26/2014 14:00:47
Actually, a good portion of the commercially available nutritional yeasts are B12 fortified. So there is a very good chance your store bought Nutritional Yeast has B12 in it. Just be sure and read the labels so you'll know for sure.
The Hammer
The Hammer07/27/2014 01:30:34
that is a valuable point! While nutrional yeast in itself doesn't contain b 12 it might have been forified with it.

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