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sprouted raw producer: looking for partner

Posted by Marius at 01/29/2012

We are an organic food producer from Romania, Europe ( look for Petras Bio on the net, at the time only in Romanian ) and started newly a sprouted raw food line ( seeds, grains,granola, crackers, snacks ). We work 100% organic, sprout buckwheat, sesame, oat, sun flower, quinoa, use only raw ingredients and dry under 107° F.
We have great quality, well under the market prices ( because we have a good running factory of pasta and other organic products we can afford lower costs )and in 4 months already got customers in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Hungary and Romania. Myself as vegan and to a great extent raw foodist love our sprouted and raw products most - they are my baby.
I am looking for a partner to distribute our products in USA and Canada. We use to work with such partners in different European countries.


Marius01/30/2012 05:40:50
Coming back on the issue: The business partnership could be of 2 kinds: The partner can buy and resale the products in USA and Canada, or the partner can work as an agent and look for customers that will be supplied directly by us, in this case the agent gets a percentage of the sales. In the second case the partner needs no investment except work.

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