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"Raw-X-ploitation" of bees

Posted by johnnysensible at 02/03/2009

"Raw-X-ploitation" ........tis a great pity that bee abuse / murder is on the increase in the "Year of the Ox" - so many of the burgeoning "Raw" community cannot admit to being "honey addicted" & accept suffering some withdrawal symptoms for a few days.

Too many of the RAW selling sites look like "Herbalife / Amway / Mr. Nice" cocktails!

Opening a simple fruit / veggie store would be a much better "good Karma generator". - "......also promotes lots of greens and whole foods, those are hard to sell from a website though."

Where have all the Cow-Bees Gone? -

Albert Einstein quote - " If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left"


ampallang02/07/2009 06:18:05
I read on lots of raw websites about honey and such instead of other sweetners.
Im not a raw vegan or anything.. but I think there are many problems with most sweeteners. Agave, maple, molasses..

I dont really understand most the the raw ideas because its about being healthy but not about being local or sustainable.. or respectful about certain products...

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