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Raw Food in Tallahassee, Florida

Posted by veganguy373 at 05/08/2007

This is great, HappyCow has a subcategory just for raw foods. If you are a raw foodist, feel free to reply to this thread and say hello.


veggiemunn2008-04-06 10:55:56
Hello Vegan Guy!

Thank you Eric for setting up this forum for us
anyark05/27/2007 09:05:54

I eat some raw and living food, but definitely, not totally. However, I do use my vitamix, my champion juicer and my dehydrator to make things for myself and for my daughter and family. My 2 y/o grandson loves some of the food and on the phone, says "More, Ninnah, yum yum" Most recently, it was for my version of Lara Bars, which my daughter had requested.

butterfly05/28/2007 19:17:15
What are Lara Bars. I'm looking for some raw recipes my kids will eat.

anyark05/29/2007 12:23:25
They're a yummy natural snack bar with various ingredients. The ones I make are dehydrated after going thru the Champion juicer, but there's a recipe on line for just pureeing the dates and adding the nuts, etc. This is the home site for the bars:

Somewhere, on line, I found the ingredients for each one. Dates hold them together and provide sweetness and then some have almonds or pecans or apples, etc. They're pretty easy to make. Also google, larabar recipes, and you should find the recipe that wasn't dehydrated. Hope this helps; if not, ask me more specific questions.

chia06/18/2007 22:55:23
About Lara Bars... I beg to differ! I got dozens of samples of them recently at a health food convention, all assorted flavors. But I didn't feel good after eating them (even just one). The mix of ingredients do not promote easy digestion, and they are a bit sweet. Anywho, the only way to know if you or your kids will like them is to try for yourself.
kazsa06/23/2007 15:24:13
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jackspar06/25/2008 09:10:06
Well I feel very proud to join this forum.Though I am non-vegetarian mostly I prefer vergetarian items.I love south indian dishes.


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glenmeyers06/25/2008 10:02:29
I love making a salad with all the different colors because it's so pleasing to the eye. My family owns a restaurant in Michigan and with food, it's all about "presentation" Adding color through Raw foods is both healthy and beautiful, and it's one of the easiest things you can do for yourself.


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